The artist currently in our residency, A. Liparoto (1987, USA) was educated in Visual Arts in London and completed a MFA at KASK Ghent. They make work that researches vulnerability, subjectivity and the borders of life and performance. Liparoto’s first film Andrew a Strong Courageous Warrior premiere at the IFFR 2016. This film is one piece in a series of works titled Andrew Has His Period which includes a commissioned performance for Etcetera III, S.M.A.K, Gent and  solo show The Possibility of Being Other Than at Het Bos, Antwerp in May 2016.

Asked how Liparoto planned on using their time at the residency, Aay had this to say: “During the three months residency at Dusangneuf, I aim to complete the post production of my second short film, working title ‘Thank you Maggie’ building towards an intimate first screening at the conclusion of the residency. The short is about an unlikely friendship between myself and Charlie Carey, a convicted criminal, a cancer patient and a bit of a  cunt. In many ways are friendship was made possible by Thatcher’s 1980’s social policy that aided the purchase of council-owned properties created a patchwork of private and public sector housing. Weaving a new social fabric. The Carey’s, 56A are council-owned property and the two floors above them 56B are privately owned by the Liparoto’s. For me the film is about the complexity of human relationships, nuances of masculinity, an unfiltered humour and doing credit to a dear friend. Up till now I have been reluctant to edit, as to do so would bring me into a series of ethical considerations in relation to Charlie; How am I to present him? His drug use? His family? But also confronting myself as an artist with my own position of social privilege.”


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